Student Technology Care Rules

• Do not eat or drink near your device.

• Do not connect personal devices or peripherals to classroom devices.

• Do not write or place stickers on your laptop/iPad

• Do not remove the device asset tag label.

• Please do not remove your iPad from its protective case.

• Do not attempt to open staff user accounts on your laptop.

• Never attempt to modify the settings of your device.

• Never download anything without permission.

• Only visit appropriate websites on your laptop/iPad

• Do not pull or remove charging cart wires.

• Always make sure to charge your iPad before arriving at School.

• Do not travel with laptops outside of a classroom.

• All laptops are to stay in the classroom. Traveling with a computer
outside of its classroom is prohibited.

• Never give out your personal student account information.

• Leave your workspace as you found it.

• Log out of all your student accounts before returning the device to its
charging cart.

• Tell your teacher if you see something uncomfortable or inappropriate.