Basic Required Documents

  • Birth certificate
  • Parent photo ID (State ID or passport)
  • Last report card
  • Child’s immunization card
  • Individualized Education Program (IEP), if applicable
  • 2 proof of address (Con-Edison bill and lease) if these documents are not under your name please provide a notarized letter from the owner and the documents
  • Letter from shelter if applicable
  • Zone school notification letter from the district
  • * In order for a student to register, a parent and child must be present

Chancellor Regulation

  • Proof of residence may be verified by any two of the following:
  • Residence utility bill (electric/gas issued by National Grid, Con Edison or the Long Island Power Authority) must be dated with the past 60 days
  • Documentation on letterhead from a federal, state, or local government agency, including Internal Revenue Service (IRS), City Housing Authority, Human Resources, Administration (HRA), the administration for Child Services (ACS) subcontractor indicating that resident’s name and address; must be dated with 60 days.
  • An original lease agreement, deed, or mortgage statement for residence
  • A current property tax bill for residence
  • A water bill for the residence; must be dated with 60 days
  • Official payroll documentation from an employer such as a form submitted for tax withholding purposes or payroll receipt; at letter on the employer’s letterhead will not be accepted; must be dated with the past 60 days
  • Parent affidavit of residency, if applicable, as per CR A-101 Chancellor Regulation