M.S. 390 Is A Uniform School!

M.S. 390 Student Uniform Policy

Our scholars are expected to be in our school uniform/ dress code effective October 1. 

If you have questions or need support, please reach out to your scholar’s school counselor.
The dress code includes:

• Gray polo shirt (with or without MS390 logo) solid

• Gray Tshirt  (with or without MS390 logo) solid

• Navy or gray sweater NO HOODIES (with or without MS390 logo). 

• NO HOODIES IN THE BUILDING, removal of hoodies is expected while in the building. 

• Navy blue pants, sweats, chinos/khakis style (with or without MS390 logo

• NO CROCS, NO RIPPED or washed Jeans. 

• Closed shoes or sneakers any.

Uniform Sale Schedule on August 31, September 1 and September 2, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Contact Information for School Uniforms


For all school uniform inquiries contact

Our Parent Coordinator José Durán at:

E-mail: jduran@ms390.com
Office Phone: 718-583-5501

School uniforms

Uniforms promote a "down to business" feeling among the students. Uniforms also eliminate self-conscious feelings that a young person may have about what he or she is wearing. This allows students to focus on what matters, which is schoolwork. The presence of uniforms helps promote safety in and out of the schoolyard and helps classroom improve discipline.

Uniformes escolares

Los uniformes promueven un sentido de "estamos aquf para trabajar" entre todos los estudiantes. Los uniformes tambien eliminan cualquier sentido de auto-conciencia que algun joven pueda tener en cuanto a su vestuario. Esto ayuda a los estudiantes a enfocarse en lo que verdaderamente importa, los estudios. La presencia de los unif or mes ayuda a pro mover la seguridad dentro y fuera de la escuela y ayuda con la disciplina en el salon de closes.