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M.S. 390 is a school dedicated to ensure our students excel in every subject specially in ELA and Math. We make sure that students get prepared for high school. We embrace technology as a tool that can help the students to be engaged and motivated with education. All the students that attend M.S. 390 are assigned an iPad and laptop. They get access to valuable apps that help them work in Math and ELA in school and at home.

We make sure our students get ready for a demanding world.


Multimedia Design

Multimedia Design program covers computer programing, 3D design, animation, movie production, web development.


Physical education and health programs raise awareness of some of the major health and fitness issues facing our student population.


Students receive instrumental music instruction where they develop and gain performing and musical skills.


The goal of our Dual Language Program at M.S. 390 is to graduate students who are fully bilingual, biliterate, and multicultural so they can be competitive citizens in our diverse society. They meet high expectations by performing academically at levels equivalent to their peers in monolingual classes.

Through the instruction of two languages (English and Spanish), students develop academic proficiency in most subjects – Native Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and Multimedia Design. They demonstrate growth in first and second language development in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.


Honor Program

Honor Program

The Honors Program at M.S. 390 provides  students with advanced skills while receiving  additional help from both their Math and ELA teachers. This is a special program that helps students to learn and improve their grades.

Regents Program

Regents Program

Our Regents Program for Algebra, US History and Science is designed for high-achieving students in grades  7 and 8 who desire and are ready for the academic challenge. The program prepares students to take honors and AP classes.



STEAM is an educational method. MS390 uses science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics to guide student learning. We prepare students for the future.
Each student has a laptop and iPad assigned.

Specialized HS Prep

Specialized HS Prep

Providing students with skills necessary to prepare for H.S.

Digital Leadership Portfolio

Digital Leadership Portfolio

We work as a community leaders to digitally document our school work.

Robotics/ Facelab

Robotics/ Facelab

We create opportunities for Students and Parents in STEAM.


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MS 390 Monthly Calendar

MS 390 has a variety of events throughout the school year. Monthly we published a calendar with all the activities happening in the school. As well, you will find opportunities to volunteer in activities that will foster student’s development.

English Calendar

Calendario en Español

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