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Parent Coordinator

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Middle School 390

1930 Andrews Ave.

Bronx, NY 10453

Phone: 718-583-5501

Email: info@ms390.com




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Parent Coordinator News

The Parent Coordinator works site at Middle School 390. The Parent Coodinator is responsible for encouraging and promoting active involvement by the families in their children’s education and making school more welcoming to the families. In addition to the Principal and the staff, the Parent Coordinator is an important point of contact for families for the school. Unlike parent volunteers working in a school, the Parent Coordinator is on staff and can work within the school to direct the families to the appropriate places where they can find the information they are seeking.

Parent Coordinator: Jose Duran

E-mail: jduran@ms390.com

Office Phone: Main Office

**If you would like your e-mail added to our database, please send your address to Jose Duran. Please indicate your name, your child’s name and their OSIS#**


Ways We Can Help You

Middle School 390 provides a Family Resource Center for parents/guardians of students to visit and obtain information and assistance that will enable them to become actively involved with their child’s education. The purpose of the MS 390 Family Resource Center is to provide support to immediate family members of students enrolled in the school in order to address socio-environmental and economic factors that impact or impede the academic development of students.


The Family Resource Center is conveniently located in room 224 at MS 390. The FRC provides information, advocacy, professional consultation, crisis intervention and referrals to families in need of support.

What services are offered?

Referrals and Workshops for the following:

  • Family and Individual counseling
  • Entitlements
  • Housing
  • Immigration
  • Substance Abuse
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Parenting Skills-In-house
  • Mental Health Consultation
  • Educational Support Workshops
  • Family and Youth Services
  • Nutrition
  • Budgeting
  • Resume Writing
  • Adolescent Development
  • Citizenship

 We assist families with community resources that are available to them. We provide English as a Second Language classes in the evenings for non-english speakers. Also, our computer workshop programs on Saturdays are a great success and our Technology teacher demonstrates how to use the desktop computer so you will feel comfortable checking one out for home use.

One of the things we try to do at our Family Resource Center is supply educational materials for check out so you do not have to buy or store them at home. We supply parenting materials on subjects such as organization, sibling rivalry, Attention deficit, Disorder, self esteem, preventing youth violence, managing difficult behavior, and peer pressure.

 Call or stop by the Family Resource Center and tell us what you need or how we can assist you, while you work as partners with the school in educating your child.



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