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Guidance Counselors

Middle School 390 Guidance and Counseling Office

The Office of COUNSELING and GUIDANCE SERVICES at MS 390 is a service oriented team whose primary purpose is to assist each student in attaining his or her maximum potential.  This is a complicated task and calls upon the combined efforts of student, parent, teacher, administrator and counselor working together to achieve this common goal.  In all grades, depending upon individual needs, counselors help students look at and understand themselves, assess their strengths and weaknesses, make appropriate decisions, develop positive attitudes, prepare for the middle and high school transition, explore the world of career directions, and solve personal problems. In brief, the role of the counselor is to help.  Please see below a list of the services provided through the Office of Counseling and Guidance.  It is our pleasure to assist you. Guidance Curriculum

  • Addressing Students Academic, Career and Socio-emotional Development though guided activities.
  •  Providing contact in a proactive manner High School Articulation and Readiness
  • Career Exploration.
  • Middle School Transition.
  • Academic Advising and Planning.

Responsive Services Addressing the immediate concerns of students

  • Referral to the Family Resource Center:
  • FRC provides parents and students with the opportunity to obtain information and services to address their day to day challenges.


  • We offer:  Coordination of services


  • Individual, Family and group counseling
  • Advocacy and referral for entitlements
  • Immigration information
  • Parenting Skills training- In House
  •  Mental Health consultation and referral
  •  Educational Support Workshops
  •  Family and Youth Services
  •  Nutrition information and Workshop
  •  Adolescent Development Workshops

Individual Planning Assisting students in monitoring and understanding their own development in the educational, career, and personal-social arenas   Professional Contact

  • Providing establishment and maintenance of professional relationships with students, parents, and the community

MS 390 Strives For Excellence STRIVES S – Safety First T – Team Work R – Respect for Self, Others and Property I –  In School Daily, Ready to Learn V – Values: Effort & Acceptance E – Earning Trust & Confidence S – Sharing & Caring Office Staff/ Contact:

Susan Carr, School Guidance Counselor – Ext. 3261

Virginia Pou, Bilingual School Guidance Counselor  –  Ext. 3211

Guillermina Ceballos, School Social Worker / Related Services  – Ext. 2171

Dilenia Acosta, Community Associate/ Attendance Monitor  –  Ext. 3241

Fred Buchanan, School Social Worker Related Services

Important Dates See High School Directory for  High School Audition dates.  Contact Schools for Open Houses (October – December). *SES Applications available for distribution. October 5 – Bilingual Academy Parent Conference. October  17 – Last day to register for the Specialized HS Test. October 17 – Catholic Schools   Exam registration deadline.    http://www.tachsinfo.com October 22-23 – Borough High Schools Fair. Bronx at Theodore Roosevelt Educational Campus Manhattan at Martin Luther King Educational Campus

Oficina de Orientación y Consejería de  Middle School 390 

La experiencia de nuestros niños durante los años de la escuela intermedia están llena de algarabía, frustraciones, decepciones, crecimiento y esperanza.  Es aquí cuando los niños a esta edad empiezan a descubrir que es lo que el futuro les depara. Los estudiantes durante esta etapa de sus vidas experimentan cambios internos, en conjunto con una serie de restos que el mundo exterior les brinda. Los consejeros en MS390 trabajan para ayudar a los estudiantes a crecer atreves de este periodo a veces difícil en sus vidas, mientras ellos son expuestos a tres áreas de desarrollo: el área académica, el área exploración de carreras y el área de crecimiento socio emocional. 

Con un programa comprensivo de Orientación, Guía y Consejería, los estudiantes reciben información, apoyo y experiencias que los ayudan a ser miembros productivos y contribuyentes de la sociedad en que viven. Juntos, los maestros, padres, consejeros, administradores y los recursos en nuestra comunidad proveemos el apoyo más eficiente para nuestros jóvenes.

Es la meta de nuestros consejeros hacer que la experiencia de cada uno de nuestros estudiantes sea positiva, tal que su potencial sea maximizado.  Nuestro Programa de Guía y Desarrollo les ofrece:

  • Atender y explorar el desarrollo académico, de carreras y socio-emocional a través de actividades guidas por consejeros y orientadores.


  • Proveer contacto con los estudiantes de manera proactiva y positive.


  • Preparación para la transición a la Escuela Secundaria y guía en el proceso de solicitud para las escuelas secundarias de la ciudad de Nueva York.


  • Exploración de Carreras.


  • Transición a la Escuela Intermedia.


  • Orientación Académica y planeamiento.

Important Documents for Parents & Students  

Student Handbook

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